How to make an insurance claim?

Making an insurance claim can be a simple and stress less process especial if the details are right. Even a minor detail can influence the final decision. Therefore, when making an insurance claim you must ensure that you have all the facts to sustain your claim.

Firstly, it is essential to be prepared and have all the details required. That means keeping the policy papers in a safe place, and of course keeping receipts of the objects that will be insured.

Secondly, based on the local law and regulations. Depending on your location is good to know the law of the country. In some various cases the citizens are allowed to make a claim, even without being insured. An example is a GDRP claim can be submitted based on the EU GDRP law. A life insurance plan is not required to make a claim, if an entity has breached the law.

Insurance claim guide:

  1. Policy check: It is highly recommended checking the insurance policy to ensure that you are covered to make a claim. This depends on the nature of the claim. If reporting an accident claim, then you might be able to do it without a personal life insurance. Since you may be insured by your employee.
  2. Prepare the documentation: To ensure a smother claiming process it is ideal to get all the paperwork ready. Such as insurance policy document, receipts for any damaged or stolen goods, and reference case numbers if the police was involved.
  3. Claim accuracy: The success ratio for an insurance claim is based on the claim accuracy. Therefore, all the facts must be true and accurate. Reason is the other party involved will be questioned and the process can be delayed if the story lines are too different. No details must be missed from the report, and of the recommended practice is to write down all the details ideally shortly after the accident. You must report details such as: exact or close times and dates, a brief description of what happened, the reason of the claim (how much money you are expecting to obtain), and all the details of everyone involved.
  4. How do I claim? If the insurance plan was bought to a broker, they’ll often assist with the claim process. The insurance companies have usually 24/7 support, and you can use the helpline. Third-party law companies are ideal for rather complex situations.

One thing to consider if the claim is about a car crash accident, and the fault is fully on the other side. In this case you may proceed with a claim directly using the insurance of the person that was responsible with the accident. If the other person thinks that was your fault. You need to take full details such as registration number, name, address, telephone number and insurance provider.